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Our truck accident lawyers represent drivers, riders, cyclists, bikers, pedestrians, and truckers who have been hurt in a collision with a large truck or tractor-trailer.

If you have been in a collision with a large truck, you need to understand that your case is in the most certified hands. Commercial truck and tractor-trailer collisions can be far more destructive and complex than a conventional car accident. That’s why they should exclusively be managed by a law firm with years of practice and a history of success handling this distinct case type. We are unparalleled in that our firm has developed a special focus on these complicated, aggressively defended cases. For more than 30 years, our Broward County truck accident lawyers have served truck crash victims throughout Florida. Our truck accident attorneys are dedicated specialists in aggressively seeking the justice and compensation that our clients deserve. Each member of our firm has comprehensive experience in these heavily defended truck injury lawsuits.

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Outstanding law firm. Mr. Wasserman is a brilliant attorney and was very sympathetic to the nature of my injuries and the effect that it had on my entire family. He was also very patient and made sure that I received the full value of my claim. I had wanted to accept an early offer but he convinced me that my claim was worth far more. I gave him the additional time that he requested and I was glad that I listened to his advice. I was very pleased with the job that he did. I also must compliment the other lawyers in his office. I dealt with one of his partners and he was also excellent. All of the lawyers in this firm know where the courthouse is and aren’t afraid to go there. This is a very fine trial lawyer firm. I have already referred two clients to this firm. Enough said. I publicly thank them for their help during a very difficult time for me and my family. I highly recommend this law firm. I am really glad to be able to post this comment.

Mr. Wasserman is well versed in personal injury law. He explained the importance of why carrying bodily injury insurance is so important as well as the importance of carrying uninsured motorist insurance. He is extremely easy to get a hold of either by his cell phone or email. He won my case and I am very pleased.

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