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Multi-Trailer Trucks

Many times, there is an amount of product requiring shipping that surpasses the size of a conventional truck. In the wintertime, during the celebration of holidays and in the spring when the horticultural season is at its peak, many deliveries need to be made.
When large quantities of inventory need to be shipped, it is more cost-effective for the trucking company to utilize multi-trailer trucks. These multi-trailer trucks can manage two or three times what a conventional tractor-trailer can carry. These types of vehicles are known as doubles and triples. Some common causes of these types of accidents are, rollovers.  A truck can roll over if handled poorly, but the prospect often doubles and triples and is often exponentially due to the dimensions and magnitude of the semi. Weather conditions also play a big role in multi-trailer truck accidenmts. It takes a great deal of know-how to manage the extra axles that will be operating. These extra axles are deemed "dead," unlike the active axels towards the head of the truck. Loss of traction with these types of trailers is a very frequent cause of accidents. Due to the enormous size of these trucks, accidents often result in catastrophic injury or death

18 Wheelers

Collisions produced by 18-wheelers can be due to a few different causes, from incompetence on the role of the operator, weariness and exhaustion, poor road situations, disobeying traffic regulations, and the improper maintaining of the trucks. In many of the truck wreck lawsuits we assume, there is often a dangerous component of truck driver neglect.

It is critical to the success of the case that these issues are exposed. Perhaps the 18-wheeler operator was sending texts, or there was a mechanical breakdown that should have been adequately inspected that was postponed or dismissed. When safety gets casually overlooked or ignored, an expert 18-wheeler truck accident lawyer will recommend a case for declaring negligence leading to truck collision damages.

Cargo Trucks

Cargo trucks are usually seen cruising on highways and local roads and can vary from moving trucks to any different variety of delivery trucks. Thousands of collisions happen every year, and a remarkable quantity of them are due to improperly loaded cargo.
Incorrect loading produces issues in cargo trucks that transport both solid items or fluids such as milk, hazardous chemicals, or gasoline. When a poorly loaded cargo truck oscillates due to the movement of the cargo in the interior, it can produce in a rollover, jackknife, or end up dropping the contents on the street or highway. This type of accident is especially serious if the truck is transporting a flammable. It is very likely that if you are a victim of a collision generated by a cargo truck, you can be in store for very expensive medical payments and missed periods of work, as well as added expenses that you might not initially foresee.

Garbage truck accident lawyer in Broward

Labor Statistics show that more than 800 construction employees a year are killed in mishaps involving dump trucks, and approximately half of those deaths included workers outside of the vehicles.

Some of the ways that dump truck loaders and operators can decrease accidents include:

• Utilizing cameras and radar

• Never stopping in embankments or rivers banks

• Using seatbelts while inside the truck

• Utilizing a spotter, back up alarm or another system to inform about blind spots

These safety suggestions, however, are not regularly observed, and the consequences can be significant. Wounded people or workers can experience notable medical problems long after the crash occurs.


Dump and Garbage Truck Accidents

If you have been in a collision with a garbage truck or a dump truck, you may be interested in your legal rights and uncertain of how to continue. Many people have been the victim of an accident of this nature, and it is essential to seek an attorney right away. This accident might have happened when you were walking or perhaps and, most likely, when you were driving. If an accident occurs with a dump or garbage truck, you need competent guidance to aid you in recognizing the negligent parties and seeking a legal claim for damages.

Garbage and dump trucks regularly stop and start; the chance of a significant collision is much more likely. Working in residential and commercial communities, these types of incidents often happen.. 

There are five basic kinds of disposal trucks recognized as the standard in these kinds of accidents: these incorporate side loaders, front loaders, rear loaders, grapple trucks, and pneumatic collection. In commercial trucking collision claims, including dump trucks and garbage trucks, you want to understand that the negligent company is not the only one often accountable for the occurrence.
The producers of the vehicle components or the vehicle, the company, and additional third parties may be regarded as liable for losses and a complete and legitimate injury case. You require an expert and committed trucking accident lawyer in Broward County to estimate out who could be regarded as responsible. Your truck accident lawyer should be equipped to dispatch a team to the location of the accident to recognize the precise reasons behind your accident, studying all the reports and conferring with specialists who are required to give you the explanations you merit.

Licensing specifications may come into question in your injury case, and your lawyer should be qualified to investigate all of the parties who are associated with the management and control of the dump truck at the time of your collision. Approximately 30% of the garbage and dump truck collisions are owed to:

  • Neglecting to adhere to warning tones
  • Backing up without proper ability to see
  • Failing to monitor blind spots
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