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Broward Truck Accident lawyer

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions created by commercial trucks and tractor-trailers have the potential to produce severe damages—even at moderate velocities. Some of the most frequent causes of rear truck and tractor-trailer collisions involve speeding, brake malfunction, and inattentive driving. 

lost load

Broward County law establishes that it is the duty of all owners and drivers of any vehicle hauling dirt, sand, lime rock, gravel, silica, or other comparable aggregate or waste, garbage, any inanimate object or objects, or any comparable material that could fall or blow from such vehicle, to prevent these materials from falling, blowing, or in any way leaving from the vehicle by enveloping and securing the load with a suitable cover or a cargo securing device.

T-Bone Accidents

Also recognized as side-impact or broadside crashes, T-bone accidents happen when trucks and tractor-trailers impact the sides of cars. Such accidents are particularly hazardous for the occupants of the other vehicles because the location of contact is often where people are sitting. Common causes of T-bone wrecks include failure to stop or yield, incorrect turns, or stormy weather.

Rollover Accidents

When a commercial truck or tractor-trailer rolls over, cars and other vehicles in the surrounding area may be subjected to considerable damage, and passengers often sustain severe injuries. Some of the most frequent reasons that truck rollover mishaps occur in Broward County are because of drivers trying to attempt turns at high speeds, inappropriately loaded freight, or oversteering mistakes.

Jackknife Collisions

A jackknifing is an incident when a trailer swings out and makes a 90-degree angle from the cab of the tractor-trailer.
Many times a tractor-trailer will jackknife because the front tires lock up while the trailer part continues to move forward. A jackknifing occurrence can swing the trailer into other cars causing massive damage and injury.

Underride and Override Crashes

An underride collision happens when another car drives under a commercial truck, while an override collision includes a commercial truck driving over another vehicle. Both kinds of collisions have the potential to produce severe or fatal wounds.Often in Broward County an override or underride collision will be the outcome of a truck driver speeding, brake malfunction, or operator exhaustion.

Fatigue Related Accidents

Operator exhaustion is frequently the consequence of physical or mental exertion that diminishes performance because of poor rest, more extended work hours, or many other factors. Crash Studies have found that 13 percent of commercial motor vehicle operators were considered to have been fatigued at the period of their collisions.

Overloaded Truck and Tractor-trailer Accidents

The most significant weight for a commercial truck is a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 80,000 pounds in Broward County.
Nevertheless, specific permits may be possible for some oversized or overweight vehicles. A single axle truck has a peak of 22,000 pounds, while the highest measurement for a tandem axle is 44,000 pounds. Overloaded commercial trucks in Broward County can be deadly because they are further likely to experience tire blowouts, potential rollover events, and longer stopping ranges.

Tire Blowouts

The treads of tires blanket many roadways in Broward County. The driver is subordinate to the same loss of control that affects passenger vehicles that experience blowouts. Still, a truck accident occurs with motor vehicles that are much heavier and can cause significantly more damage than a passenger car. Many different factors can result in a tire blowing out. High temperatures are prevalent in our Broward County climate, creating a hazardous environment with many truck accidents. Other things can cause truck accidents and issues with tires such as not having enough air in tires, potholes, a tractor-trailer or truck loaded with product unevenly or that weigh too much.

Broward Truck Accident Lawyers

Trucks are a vital component of our economy — but on the roads, they can be life-threatening. Thanks to lenient federal laws and companies that put profit in front of safety, private trucks like pickups do not adhere to the equivalent safety rules as passenger cars, even though they are frequently used for the same purposes. Big commercial trucks like tractor-trailers, big rigs, or eighteen-wheelers measure up to 20 times as much as a passenger automobile, virtually ensuring that they’ll destroy smaller vehicles in an accident. Many truck drivers and trucking businesses, in an attempt to maximize earnings and reach their deadlines, disregard safety regulations. Victims of truck accidents — whether driving in or while outside the truck — are apt to be killed or suffer a brain injury, spinal damage, amputations and other severe injuries. Our Broward truck accident lawyers have the experience to make sure that you are appropriately compensated.

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