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The Firm maintains that its capability to recognize, assess, and prove all damages sustained by our clients has been a critical component in its success. We know that most understand that battles are won through hard work and preparation.

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Katzman, Wasserman, Bennardini & Rubinstein, P.A. is a results-oriented firm committed to furnishing its clients with the greatest quality legal representation. The firm manages two thoroughly staffed offices in Broward County. The Firm extends a broad range of civil litigation services. The Firm consists of experienced lawyers with different areas of expertise allowing the firm to produce the highest quality of legal services.

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The Firm maintains that its ability to recognize, measure and prove all damages sustained by our clients has been a principal component in its success. We recognize that most battles are succeeded through laborious effort and preparation before the battle is even fought. The Firm has a abundant supply base of specialists to aid in defining and supporting its clients’ injury claims.

We also pride ourselves in partnering with our clients by offering contingency compensation representation in fitting cases. All personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. Our fees and costs are contingent and we do not get paid unless you win. We have recovered over three hindred and ninety million dollars for our clinets. Call today and "Let Jay Help".

Broward is filled with a mixture of types of transport that serve the county's inhabitants to get to their objectives each day. For some, public transport modes, such as the train or buses, are an indispensable component of everyday travel. Countless people still depend on automobiles as their principal method of transport, both when they go to work and when they are driving long distances. This puts hundreds of thousands of vehicles on the road at any given time during the day. In a city congested with people and automobiles, collisions are mostly unavoidable, and when they happen, you must receive fair and precise compensation for your damages.

Our truck accident attorneys have grown to be a well-known and esteemed firm across Broward, and they are qualified to assist you and your loved ones to help you heal after a truck accident. Our lawyers have over 100 years of consolidated legal expertise, making them well-qualified to manage even the most difficult truck accident cases. They know that a truck accident may have a disastrous influence on you and your household, both physically and economically. After a truck accident, you may be encountering significant physical damages that demand time away from work and months of physical therapy to aid healing. Worse still, you may be experiencing the emotional ordeal of losing a loved one in a truck wreck. Our firm recognizes this is a challenging time, and we are equipped to assist you in receiving the compensation you require to heal from this experience.

Truck Accident Statistics in Broward

Truck accidents are sadly a frequent happening across the United States. The National Safety Council figures that over 40,000 people perished in car wrecks in 2016, making it the most dangerous year for drivers on record. Another 4.3 million people were wounded in this corresponding year. Given the quantity of both vehicles and pedestrians in Broward, a notable number of truck collisions occur in this city every year.

Several of these wrecks are created by preventable problems, such as operator error, inattentive driving, and the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Cases We Handle

Collisions may come in several various sorts, including a mixture of road situations, kinds of vehicles involved, conditions of the event, and ensuing damages. Your accident may have happened as the outcome of another driver’s conduct, treacherous roads, due to the counties neglect, or even defects in the truck itself. In each of these situations, you may be encountering severe damages to your automobile and yourself, because of factors that you did not create and could not avoid. This is no doubt a frustrating experience, and you may believe that you do not know where to look for help. It’s essential to recognize, however, that the guidance of a lawyer can assist you to ascertain the most suitable next actions for you to take.

When you are contemplating legal advice after a collision, you will see that you have a high number of law firms to pick from. When considering a problem as extremely diverse and complicated as truck accidents, it is fundamental that you acquire support from lawyers deeply experienced in all fields of truck accident law. Your suit should be managed by specialists prepared to undertake any case you may have. 

All drivers have a responsibility to operate carefully and avoid an accident whenever achievable. If a driver’s errors break this obligation, they may be regarded as legally accountable for whatever damages they create because of their negligent or reckless operations. For the victims of these events, this liability can be important, as it may assist them to recoup the expenses of medical bills, out-of-pocket costs, and even earnings loss throughout treatment and rehabilitation.

Many drivers are hurt because of a preventable error caused by another motorist. These careless mistakes may leave a driver in need of emergency medical care and possibly with a requirement for long-term therapies to deal with more difficult injuries. This medical care can be too high for many families to manage, making some compensation especially essential for their financial security.

Traffic laws are to protect motorists, and drivers who take needless risks and violate these laws may create disastrous accidents. Fortunately, Broward County takes reckless driving very seriously, and victims of hazardous and deadly drivers have the right to bring legal claims against the people at fault for their circumstances. If you’ve suffered an injury as the consequence of another driver’s thoughtless activities on the road, it is essential to discover more about your legal rights and opportunities for seeking compensation against the unsafe driver at fault.

When a person takes intentional action to violate traffic laws or procedures, he or she should be held responsible for this dangerous choice.


Motorists should obey posted speed limits correctly, as unreasonable speeding can pose a dangerous menace to others on the road. If a person passes the posted speed limit, they may not be ready to safely command their automobile or bring it to a standstill in case of an accident. Therefore, they may collide with another harmless motorist or a pedestrian. When a person neglects to drive properly by speeding, they should be held responsible for the consequences of their behaviors.

Speed limits are set according to a municipal agency’s evaluation of both how safe a road is to drive on at higher speeds and what speed-associated risks may affect nearby pedestrians. These limits serve to avoid the accompanying speed-related accidents:

  • Loss of control in a sharp turn in the roadway
  • Loss of control in an area often slicked by bad weather
  • Accidents between vehicles and pedestrians in high-frequency intersections or near schoolhouses
  • Accidents between cars and trucks as a result of a large abundance of intersections
  • Rear-ending collisions

Speeding reduces the suggested response time a driver is deemed to give for themselves when operating a motor vehicle. Consequently, they may not be capable of avoiding an otherwise avoidable collision, placing themselves and others in danger of severe injury. If you have been in an accident that was caused by a speeding motorist, you deserve to be paid for your damages.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving is an illegal, remarkably risky exercise that many motorists encounter on the road with terrifying regularity. If an intoxicated motorist drives, they put themselves and everyone else they share the road with at great risk for a crash. Due to decreased response times or a loss of awareness of traffic because of intoxication, these accidents often result in extreme, often fatal, outcomes. When a drunk driver causes you damage in a collision, they can not only be held accountable under criminal law but also civil law.

Many wounds resulting from drunk driving collisions, particularly when they happen at high speeds, can lastingly affect your life and economics even after medical care. These accidents can leave sufferers disabled and, consequently, incapable of work or decrease their earning ability. The price of your damages may not always be obvious until it’s too late. It is essential to seek damages with the help of a lawyer, so you know that you’re getting the maximum benefit you can to satisfy the cost of your collision.

Pedestrian Accidents

Trucks on the road need to be particularly vigilant in areas where pedestrians are. Without any of the protection methods or physical security of a vehicle or truck, even a low-speed accident between a pedestrian and truck can create severe damages for the pedestrian. For this reason, drivers often appropriate liability for an injury to a foot-traveler in an accident. This means that a wounded pedestrian may be qualified to file a personal injury case against the driver accountable for their wounds.

Crosswalks are assumed to give pedestrians a secure area to cross the street from one sidewalk to another. Regrettably, many pedestrians are hit by cars, trucks, and other vehicles each year while traversing the street in a crosswalk.

Even at comparatively low speeds, truck collisions can create meaningful forces that can severely hurt any motorists involved. When these energies cause a driver’s head and neck to be launched distinctly in a precise way during the collision, the shock can cause drastic harm to that operator’s head and neck. These injuries are generally known as whiplash injuries. If another driver’s negligence on the road induces a whiplash injury, the wounded person may be qualified to file for financial damages for the suffering they have had to experience.

Some of the resulting symptoms are normal, following an event that generates whiplash:

  • Neck pain and backache
  • Loss of movement in the neck
  • Shoulder discomfort
  • Stiffness
  • Dizziness
  • Tingling feelings in the limbs
  • Headache
  • Blurred eyesight
  • Impatience, anger or annoyance
  • Depression
  • Trouble concentrating

The pain and other signs of whiplash can last for a brief-term or up to several years.

Truck Defects

Drivers should be able to fairly expect their vehicles to work properly, with mechanical breakdowns only developing after notable wear and tear. However, if components fail suddenly, drivers may be significantly jeopardized as a result. These malfunctions can cause loss of control for a motorist, possibly producing an accident. In such an event, a driver may sustain drastic injuries, as they may not be capable of slowing down or use safety mechanisms before a crash. If you or one you love has incurred an injury in a truck collision that was caused by an automotive manufacturer’s faulty part, the negligent company should carry the financial weight of the event, as opposed to you or a loved one. To consider taking this legal action, contact a Broward Truck Accident Lawyers today by calling (954) 566-3111.

Automotive manufacturers have a duty to buyers to sufficiently test their parts and to produce safe, reliable parts. If a manufacturer evades this responsibility by producing an inferior part that causes a collision, this is likely an adequate reason for a person to take legal action. At Broward Truck Accident Lawyers, we take the manufacturer’s failings in managing a consistent level of safety extremely seriously, especially in a space as risky as truck production.

These failures can directly point to or actively contribute to an innocent person’s injury, which may leave them in requirement of medical care and losing wages due to missing work throughout recovery. This can place a notable financial burden on a harmed individual’s household. Fortunately, these economic difficulties may be the responsibility of the truck producer or manufacturer who created the defective part.

Truck manufacturers have an obligation to customers to sufficiently test their components and to provide safe, dependable parts. If a company avoids this obligation by providing a sub-par piece that creates an accident, this is likely a satisfactory reason for a person to take proper legal action. We take the producer's failures in managing a consistent level of safety very earnestly, especially in a field as dangerous as truck production.

These failures can directly point to or actively contribute to an innocent person’s damage or injury, which may leave them in demand for medical care and missing income due to lost work during recovery. This can place a notable economic strain on an injured individual’s family. Fortunately, these economic burdens may be the liability of the automotive producer or producer who made the defective part.

Drivers should be able to fairly assume their trucks are working accurately, with mechanical malfunctions only emerging after notable wear and tear. However, if parts fail suddenly, motorists may be significantly compromised as a result. These defects can lead to the decline of control for a driver, possibly creating an accident. In such an occurrence, a driver may realize serious injuries, as they may not be capable of slowing down or use safety equipment before a crash.

Truck manufacturers have an obligation to consumers to competently test their parts and to manufacture safe, dependable components. If a manufacturer fails in this responsibility by providing an inferior part that generates an accident, this is an adequate reason for a person to take lawful action. At Broward Truck Accident Lawyers, we take the manufacturer’s failures in sustaining a consistent level of safety very earnestly, especially in a space as dangerous as truck manufacturing.

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